Gingered Chickpea and Pumpkin Patties

Okay, here’s my confession – I am addicted to BurgerFuel. Like, seriously. I adore their vegetarian burgers and love their moto-bites. But alas (or perhaps, luckily) for my stomach, we have no local BurgerFuel – the nearest is a 45 minute plane flight away.

Thus I have devised my own, somewhat healthier, variation on the super-yummy theme.

Like all my homemade recipes, quantities and other such things are highly approximate. I do not tend to weigh or measure quantities.

So here’s how I made them:

1. I began by taking quater of a pumpkin (butterkin, approx 300 g) and cutting it into chunks, removing the skin. Butterkins are great – the skin is so thin you can peel them with a peeler. Then I microwaved in a covered container for 4 minutes, until they were soft.

2. I drained a can of chickpeas (400g), then mashed it sufficiently with a fork until it was close to paste in texture.

3. Combine pumpkin and chickpeas, grate 1 carrot (medium) into the mixture.

4. Add a combination of spices (cumin, ground coriander) and a hearty dab of ginger paste.

5. Taste test – still a bit bland, added a touch of salt and a squeeze of pepper.

6. Stuck it in the refrigerator and went to work.

7. Got home from work. Sauteed onion with some garlic (2 cloves, diced). Added onion mix to fridgerated mix.

8. Tossed in a couple of handfuls of semi crushed/diced cashew nuts (salted and roasted, cos they were all we had in the cupboard)

9. Squeezed in an amount of coriander (cilantro) paste from a tube I keep in the fridge.

10. Tasted again, added a sprinkle of smoked paprika.

11. Wet hands, sprayed oven tray (or maybe the other way around), then took balls of mixture and squished them into pattie shapes, arranged around the tray.

12. Baked in easybake (convection) oven for 20 mins at 180 deg cel

13. Served with kumara fries, dried mushrooms and cuminated caulis.

Makes: 7 patties (could have made 8, but circular tray only fits 7 patties, so made em big and merged them together).

Verdict: Healthier than BurgerFuels moto-bites (baked, not deep fried) and pleasantly gingery. Possibly the addition of the coriander paste was a little bit overkill, as the ginger flavour came through better after baking. Also, I need to buy more garlic paste because I really don’t like chopping garlic cloves. Was rather yummy with a bit of mango realish dabbled on top.

Will try and remember to photograph before I eat the last patties.


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